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Legal analysis of violations within the criminal case of the Kempir-Abad Reservoir

The document is necessitated by the situation in the country, when for the first time since independence, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic detained under the criminal case of the Kempir-Abad Reservoir declared an indefinite mass political hunger strike.
​This fact primarily indicates that detainees have exhausted all legal remedies and that they have no alternative means of protecting their rights and freedoms.
However, it should be noted that this legal analysis does not address the essence of the criminal case, but rather focuses on the violations identified in the defence of detainees.
​In developing this position, we also considered the official statement of S. Japarov, the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, declaring that he could not interfere in the law enforcement and judicial bodies’ consideration of this criminal case, and that everyone should learn to live by the letter of the law.
​The President of the Kyrgyz Republic, not being a lawyer, may not be familiar with all the procedural nuances of criminal proceedings; therefore, we have tried to study the situation from a legal perspective rather than dealing with the criminal case background, and analysedthe substantive and procedural law at various stages of the investigation and the trial.

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