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Protection the rights of refugees and statelessness

One of the main activities of the LC "Adilet" since its forming and during all the period of operation of the projects UNHCR - "Legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in Kyrgyzstan" and "Prevention and reduction of statelessness in Kyrgyzstan" is a provision of legal assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons.

Over 12 years activities of LC "Adilet" being the only organization in the Kyrgyz Republic and in Central Asia, providing a full range of legal assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons, has accumulated a lot of experience in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of that category of persons.

Tasks of the project:

1. Improving the legal protection of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons.
2. Strengthening the capacity of state bodies to consider and protect the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons.


- Refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons,
- Employees of government agencies, including the judiciary, police, authorized to consider issues of beneficiaries.


- juridical consultations for refugees and asylum-seekers on various legal issues : the acquisition of citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic, appealing decisions of state agencies, the basic rights and obligations of refugees and other issues;
- legal consultations are provided free of charge on a permanent basis in the office of the Legal Clinic and in places where refugees;
- representation of refugees and asylum seekers, stateless persons in government, including the judiciary and law enforcement ;
- legal review of refugees stateless persons documents on admission to citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic;
-increase the legal education of refugees, nongovernmental organizations personnel, law enforcement officers through the trainings and seminars;

The educational component of the activity:

- Increase the legal education of refugees and asylum seekers, through training and seminars.
- Education and training of jurists law graduates of the law faculty through the trainings on the protection of the refugees' rights and conducting internship in the clinic.
- Meetings and training seminars with lawyers on the protection of refugees' rights, NGOs representatives, migration services of republics in the Central Asian’s region.
- Training sessions on refugees’ rights, issues of citizenship and stateless for judges, prosecutors, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Ministry of Labor, Migration and Youth of Kyrgyz Republic, The Department of Population Registration and Act of Civil States under the State Registration Service under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic, the State Border Service and NGOs of Kyrgyzstan.

Legal Clinic "Adilet" in collaboration with UNHCR and NGOs actively involved in the process of naturalization of refugees and stateless persons in the Kyrgyz Republic.