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Kyrgyzstan: Universal Periodical Review on Child Rights, prepared by Civil Society Organization



A.   Policies and strategies in the field of child rights. The right to protection from all forms of violence. 
B.   The right to protection from exploitation. 
C.   Discrimination against children. 
D.   Children in conflict with the law. 
E.   Children with disabilities. Failure to guarantee protecting the rights of children in inter-ethnic conflict in southern Kyrgyzstan in 2010. 
F.   Rights of the child in the fight against terrorism. 
A.   Policies and strategies in the field of child rights 

The Kyrgyz Republic has not implemented the UPR recommendation:
76.31. Strengthen its policy for the full guarantee of the rights of the child, with attention to implementing the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, according to resolution 11/7 of the Human Rights Council and 64/142 of the General Assembly (Brazil). 
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