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The event of elderly people was held in the begining of October. This is one of the volunteerism.

   Nowadays, a lot of people are dedicating themselves to volunteerism all over the world. Volunteerism is not only an activity without being paid for it, but also an action on your own initiative. This activity has two aspects; one is contribution to society and another is your personal experience. In terms of the former, all of volunteerism can bring about satisfactory outcomes toward society in many kinds of fields, such as education, ICT, medicine, environment, and human rights. Furthermore, high motivation that you are willing to be help of other disadvantaged population inspires society. Although the activity is a little part of social movements, it has great potential to change even the world. On the other hand, in terms of the latter, it must be a great opportunity for you to do voluntary activities. Through these works, you are going to see what to happen in the actual world, and are able to have a rapport with many people. It will be great treasure in your life.

    In broad terms, everybody can be volunteers; for instance, students, business men, even refugees and also some kinds of professional. And they are taking an active part in various places with diverse ways. And also a lot of organizations promote volunteerism.
   As part of implementation aimed at volunteerism, Legal Clinic “Adilet” organized the ceremony for elderly people in the Orlovka village in Issykata district. As philanthropic work, our organization gave some presents such as towels, and children in the village gave some entertainments to the elderly there. On the other day, Adilet also had an activity for the elderly in other village. Our staff visited the home of senior and disabled citizens in Serafimovka village in order to provide them with used clothes that staff brought from their home. We also supplied with provision for a month. Our organization regards these events as voluntary social services.
    Basically, all activities of Adilet are in conformity with volunteerism. High qualified staff provides “free” legal consultations, and constantly holds law and human rights-related seminars and practical training. Therefore a lot of local students visit the office of our organization, and they are also part of our volunteers. In addition, our organization accepted an international volunteer from Japan.
   According to the United Nations Volunteers, there were 6 international volunteers of other nationalities, 20 national volunteers, and 2 nationals of the country serving abroad as international volunteers in Kyrgyzstan (by UNV annual report 2007). From a global perspective, these figures have been a few so far. If more and more volunteers are coming and going, Kyrgyzstan can build interact with many cohesion, and develop.