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Notes for the statement of Cholpon Djakupova Director of the Public Foundation “Legal Clinic “Adilet” On: “General trends in development of democratic space in the Kyrgyz Republic” January 29, 2020. Bishkek

29.01.2020 Events

Dear participants of the Round table!
As far as I am concerned, the draft law under consideration today that aimed to tighten reporting for non-commercial organizations is only one fragment of a general, wider picture of the processes taking place in the country.
Over the past months, we have seen how much the situation is heating up, a climate of fear and intimidation are being formed, which in general is aimed at substantially narrowing the democratic space in the country.
Various independent civil society institutions are simultaneously subjected to the tremendous pressure, accompanied by unprecedented violations of fundamental human rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including freedom of speech and association, freedom of peaceful assembly, access to fair justice...
The full text is available here.

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