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Public Foundation “Legal Clinic “Adilet” statement of viewpoint Regarding the Pressure Imposed by the Law-Enforcement on Attorneys

21.04.2020 Events

The Kyrgyz Republic’s society has once again witnessed an unprecedentedly flagrant and rampant violation of laws by the General Prosecutor Office of the Kyrgyz Republic expressed by unrelenting pressure imposed on independent attorneys. Despite the prohibition of interference with practice of law provided under the laws of Kyrgyzstan, investigation authorities summon attorneys for questioning and seize documents related to the cases within which the attorneys defend their clients. What is particularly deplorable is that such grave violations originate from the superior constitutional authority responsible for ensuring accurate and uniform compliance with laws by government. This is the most outrageous situation ever admitted by prosecution officers in the history of independent Kyrgyzstan as they have reached a new level of lawlessness.

The full text of the Analysis is available here.

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