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About us

Public Foundation “Legal Clinic “Adilet” – is one of the biggest human rights organizations in Kyrgyzstan. Founded in May 2002, today it unites in its ranks about 40 lawyers and advocates, and also the student volunteers studying on legal specialty.

The mission of the organization – is protection of the human rights and freedoms, promotion of the idea of democracy, concept of human rights and the constitutional state.

The mission is carried out in the following areas: ensuring access of the general population to free legal (advocatory) assistance and improvement of their legal culture.
Clinic provides free legal (advocatory) assistance to the most vulnerable groups of population that need protection of rights and freedoms, such as:
•    internal migrants (on issues of documentation and registration)
•    refugees and asylum seekers;
•    stateless persons;
•    civil society organizations (NGO/NCO);
•    physical persons and legal entities within constitutional proceedings.

Within the framework of this activity Clinic has:
–    carried out more than 33 631 consultations;
–    implemented more than 5 160 representations in state and law-enforcement bodies, courts;
–    created first precedent of successful consideration of four cases by Human Rights Committee in Geneva by petition of lawyers of PF LC “Adilet”.
Educational component and training activity of the Clinic
Over 14 years of existence of the organization, Clinic has conducted more than 601 training sessions and educational workshops for workers of law-enforcement bodies, judges, workers of Prosecutor’s Office, institution of Ombudsman, servicemen of border guard service of KR, SRS, justice, NGO and direct beneficiaries.

Additionally, an educational workshop is held on the basis of the Clinic for 4th/5th year student of law faculties of universities of the country, selected on a competitive basis, to increase their potential and for them to acquire practical skills of a lawyer (15-20 students annually). Over the entire period of existence of Adilet more than 200 students have acquired experience here. Many of them are successfully employed and continue to work, as in the organization itself, same in the prosecutor's office, state agencies, and as employees of international organizations, including abroad.

Clinic has provided aid in equipping and renovating library for minors of colony #14 of village Voznesenovka in amount of 15 thousand USD, supported with technical assistance Educational center for judges and Center for continuing education for workers of General Prosecutor’s Office, passed computer equipment and literature to Law Faculties of 6 Universities of Kyrgyzstan, schools of Chui and Osh regions were given around 8 thousand textbooks worth more than 20 thousand USD.
Improvement of regulatory framework
LC “Adilet” participated in development of number of regulatory acts, such as: Law of KR “On refugees”, Law of KR “On citizenship of KR”, Law of KR “On HIV/AIDS”, Code of Children of Kyrgyz Republic, Instruction on organization of oversight on application of international covenants in criminal-legal sphere, and also took part in discussion of draft laws focused on humanizing criminal drug policy of KR, determining size of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances entailing criminal and administrative responsibility. Clinic is actively engaged in developing and promoting of recommendations, inscribing amendments and changes to regulatory acts in area of citizens registration/propiska, directed on simplification of institution of register in Kyrgyz Republic.

Educational and scientific activities of Clinic

Organization has developed and published manuals on human rights, HIV/AIDS and collections of regulatory acts for workers of Departments of Internal Affairs, courts, Prosecutor’s Office, Border Service, and also manuals dedicated to legal aspects related to refugees.  A collection of normative-legal acts of international and national legislation was developed and published that reinforced main principles of protection of rights and freedoms of minors, and also manual for Universities on juvenile justice. Analytical report “On Rule of law: problems of ensuring it in Kyrgyz republic during the period of formation of parliamentary rule” was prepared and published. Collection of international voting standards and national legislation on election was issued. Books of Guy S. Goodwin-Gill and James S. Hathaway on rights of refugees were translated into Russian language and analytical reviews of year books on human rights were prepared, etc.

Employees of the Organization successfully partake in international conferences and forums on human rights. Clinic has qualified legal staff with relevant theoretical training and practical experience in human rights defense. More than 20 lawyers working in our Organization on regular basis have lawyers’ licenses and are experienced in conducting civil and criminal cases.

Since the establishment of Clinic more than 40 projects were implemented funded by such international organizations as: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, DanChurchAid in Central Asia, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Population Fund, Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund, Danish Refugee Council, High Commissioner on National Minorities, OSCE Center in Bishkek, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Central Asia HIV/AIDS Program, Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan, European Union, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, World Bank, US Embassy Democracy Commission in the Kyrgyz Republic, Open Society Foundation.
Our Principles

We are deeply convinced that respecting the principles of the Code of Ethics of staff member of the PF LC "Adilet", which we adopted when creating the organization, helps us to maintain team spirit, motivation in work and belief in our own success:
- Solidarity and camaraderie - "One for all, all for one”
- Client-orientedness and responsiveness - "Justice is the right of the weakest”
- professionalism and continuous self-improvement "to give hope, it is necessary to know more»
- Perseverance and fearlessness in defending the rights of others "Even if the whole world turns away, the law preserves the objectivity. Human rights defender - the last line of hope.